Nanjing’s Jiangning District collects over 2 mln samples for COVID-19 tests in one day

2021/7/22 12:28:28  jschina.com.cn

Jiangning District in Nanjing City has collected over 2 million samples, including those of 1.92 million permanent residents, for nucleic acid tests of COVID-19 in one day after nine workers at the Nanjing Lukou International Airport tested positive for the virus.

Photo/Chen Yan

Communities in the district relied on scientific measures and organized the testing in an orderly manner. In the Tiandi Xincheng Neighborhood under the administration of Dongshan Sub-district Office, which has 30,000 residents from over 5,300 families living in some 130 buildings, community workers and volunteers went door to door to inform every one of the COVID-19 testing from the early morning on July 21. Outdoor display screens and loudspeakers were also used to manage the testing campaign, assisted by the neighborhood’s property management staff.

After four residential community under the administration of Lukou Sub-district Office were declared as medium-risk areas for COVID-19, local authorities immediately activated an emergency response and have launched closed-off management there. In Xiecun Community, to minimize the impact of the lockdown, five community workers and ten volunteers cooperated closely to contact with local residents via WeChat and help address their needs, such as purchasing and delivering daily necessities.

Meanwhile, emergency aid from the provincial and municipal hospitals has poured into Jiangning. By 9:00 pm of July 20, medical professionals in 55 groups went to work at ten COVID-19 testing stations, and some of them had the experience of working in Wuhan and Huangshi, both pandemic-hit cities in Hubei Province in the outbreak of the virus in early 2020.

The district has also mobilized nearly 4,400 volunteers to help in this campaign. Despite the scorching heat, volunteers were committed to their tasks of building sunshade, maintaining order, distributing cooling supplies and assisting medical works. They also went to visit families with disadvantaged members to offer mental help and other services.

By the midnight on July 21, Jiangning had taken the sample of over nearly 2 million people for nucleic acid tests of COVID-19.